Monday, February 2, 2015

This is me...

...thanks to the first real snow of the season.  When all is said and done, by the morning, we could have as much as 19 inches on the ground.

This snow, however, is really making me miss my Buster.  I can see him right now, running, jumping, just generally frolicking in the mounds of snow in the yard.  He was always happiest in this kind of weather, and would instantly become that playful puppy again.


Magnum and I spent quite a bit of time clearing snow today.  He actually plowed twice here at home.  He went out early, before church, and did our driveway and sidewalk, as well our neighbor's.  By the time we got home from church, it looked like he hadn't done a thing.  We went to my parents' and took care of their driveway and sidewalk, before coming home and doing ours again.  It was a tiring, chilly few hours, but it was a good workout.  Plus, it looks so darn pretty out there!  Ok, I'll stop now, before Jen reaches through her computer and smacks the crap out of me. :-/

Oh, one last thing.  Stud and I will both be enjoying a Snow Day tomorrow.  Love it!! =)


Funny in My Mind said...

we have had a bit here and there but I am over it. We will be in Hawaii on this day next week and I have nothing but hot weather (I know you hate it) on my mind. My old German shepherd comes to life when the weather is cold too!

joe said...

I'm still trying to figure you out... ;^)

Jen said...

Yeah, shaddup. ;)