Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yes, I'm still alive...

...just not feeling bloggy.  I have been checking in on all my Bloggy Buddies, though, and keeping up with what's going on with you guys.  I just really don't have anything going on here that's worth writing about.  I refuse to be a Debbie Downer.  Just to give  you an update, both Magnum and I are still not working.  Needless to say, things have been a bit tense around here lately.  And, that's all I feel like saying about that right now.

I have been spending lots of time with my beautiful little Monkey, though, which is such a blessing.  We are having a bit of a "heat wave" here in ChiTown, with temps in the 60s.  (We're supposed to hit 67 on Monday.  WTF?!)  Monkey and I took a little walk to the park yesterday.  Her mean auntie made her walk ALL BY HERSELF all the way there.  Relax, it's only about 200 feet.  I couldn't help but capture the moment, since she looked so darn grown up, walking all by her big self.

 "Are you SERIOUSLY taking more pictures of me?!?!"
 As soon as the park hit her line of vision, she exclaimed, "OH, WOW!  SLIDE!!"  She a big fan of slides these days.  As a matter of fact, her daddy sent me a video the other day of her playing on the slide her auntie and uncle bought her this summer.

She just had me cracking up the whole time we were there.  I had originally intended to share some video, but my LOUD voice is so incredibly annoying, as is my cackling laugh, so I decided to spare you.  Instead, I'm going to make you look at a few more pictures.

 After about a half hour, her daddy joined us.  I wish the string of her hat hadn't flipped up over her mouth like that in this picture.  I thought this would have been a great Christmas card photo. :(  (And yes, Jo and Mark, this picture is for you guys!  tee hee!)
Well, I'm off to try and find the "umph" to put up the Christmas trees today.  It should have been done last Friday, but I just haven't been able to find the spirit.  But, on a positive note (cuz I hate leaving on a negative one!) I dug out some old workout tapes last week, including my trusty Tae Bo, which I was completely OBSESSED with back in the day.  Thanks to the mystery illness I dealt with a few weeks ago giving me a nice jump start, I'm down about 37 lbs.  Hey, only 100 to go!  Maybe a date with my sweetheart, Billy Blanks, will give me the energy to get those trees up.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Vodka Mom said...

Honey, I love you.

And you know what? Things tend to WORK OUT.

Now, email me your address. I have something cool that has YOUR name on it. :-)

( RIGHT NOW. xoxoxox

Vodka Mom said...

67 degrees? WTF???

Jen said...

You lost 37 pounds???? Holy crap! I hope you're feeling better!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I feel ya. Hope things get better for y'all. xoxo And thanks for your support on my blog - I just LOVE getting emails from you. =)

karen gerstenberger said...

HOLY cow, that's a lot you've already lost! What a great start! Please let us know how the Tae Bo goes. I've never tried that, but have heard it's great.

I'm sorry about the job front; that sounds stressful. I pray that each of you will find the right place, where you will be able to use your gifts as a blessing to others.

Busy Bee Suz said...

37lbs????? WOW.
I'm glad you are feeling better health if we could just get you and Magnum out of the other funk?
I've been thinking about you; hoping things were getting better.
What a blessing that little Monkey is; bringing so much joy to your family

Anonymous said...

37 lbs. is amazing!! All that other stuff needs to just go away so you can enjoy this accomplishment to its fullest. xoxo

Clippy Mat said...

I couldn't find my billy blanks tapes so I bought a DVD of his about a month ago. I am seriously thinking about opening it one of these days. Well done for losing that weight at least there was a silver lining in that cloud. Hope things turn around for you ver soon on the work front. Big hugs x

Melanie said...

You go girl. Rock the Billy Blanks. I got several of those DVDs when I started working out again, but I haven't moved on to those yet. Maybe that would help me find my motivation...

That baby needs kisses. I don't see any pictures of her getting kisses. Just send her over here.