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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I finally downloaded some pictures that CSJ took at his mother's surprise party.

I love the look on CSJ's face in this picture. He is SO excited for his mommy.Yay! Surprise!!
Not the best picture, but here are 6 of my mother-in-law's 9 children.
The kids and their spouses.
My mother-in-law has 17 grandchildren, and 10 of them made it to the party. :)
Here are all the GREAT-grandchildren that were at the party. How stinkin' cute are they!?
The two little darlings to the right of my MIL (in the sort of matching dresses) are actually twins. When they were toddlers, everyone called them Salt 'N Pepper, since one has curly blondish hair with blue eyes and fair skin, and the other has pin-straight dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin. Both are simply beautiful.

This is my second oldest sister-in-law. Is she my MIL's twin or what?!?! (She's the grandma of the twins above.) mother-in-law and her baby!
I can't wait to see the professional version of this one. I think I'm going to love it.These are my MIL's girlfriends I mentioned in an earlier post. They all were nurses together at Northwestern Memorial Hospital here in Chicago for over 25 years, until my MIL retired about 16 years ago.
This is the pastor from my MIL's church (whom she adores!) and his wife.
Her favorite grandchild!
Well, ok, she would never say that to anyone else, but WE know it's the truth! ;-) He IS her last grandchild, and the baby's baby, so that makes him special in his own right.

Her other favorite grandchild, Brian. She just loved that kid so much. She was really sad that he left. She's gonna miss the little booger.
Ok, that's all for today. When I get the professional pictures back, I'll be boring you with more, so consider yourself warned.


Mary A. said...

What an awesome party! I will always cherish my FIL's 80th birthday party. Fun memories forever.

HWHL said...

Hello stranger - how are you?
We were at the beach and I got an email that someone had commented on my blog... I'm like "What? That blog is still UP?!"
And it was YOU!
How are you? I hope all is well. I can't BELIEVE how grown up your son is... OMG... how did that happen??? I'm srry I've been so out of touch... busy w/work, 2 teenagers and now my 80 year old MIL is living with us (long story). BUT thank you for reaching out and keeping in touch. I will try to be a better blogger buddy! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh how sweet! Looks like the party was a huge success and what an incredibly blessing to have such a huge gorgeous family!

Little Chef On The Prairie said...

The look on her face was priceless! I loved that you had such a special event for her.

My favorite picture is with your MIL and Stud!

Funny in My Mind said...

How fortunate you were to be able to wrangle up that many family members at one time. Those really are grat photos to have for many years and pass down. I really want to see the professional ones as well.

Busy Bee Suz said...

How awesome to have so MUCH family in one area??? Well, perhaps that could be an issue at times. LOL.
Love all the photos, she looks so happy, as she should be.
Your hubby is beaming!!!!

Melanie said...

Looks like a wonderful party and she looks like a doll. Nurses are the best! However, being a new reader, I need you to update a newbie like me on who all these people are! I've read back quite a way and think I've got it down, but I think it's high time for a recap. You said you owed me...